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Thanksgiving 2011

As it is the Thanksgiving holiday, I’m stepping away from the tech side of things to write on a more personal note.

Each year on this day, the fourth Thursday of each November, I spend the day with family and friends.  We give thanks for the things we have, big or small, we are thankful for our cherished friends, and grateful for our loving family. For me, this year is quite different as there is someone missing from our table. As much as I’d like to pretend that this person is not truly absent, I can’t ignore that fact that there is a laughter missing, a smiling face that is not lighting up the room.  It’s a sad fact of life that loved ones come in and out of your life. Sometimes if you are lucky, they are around for a very long time, and sometimes they are only here long enough to brighten your day.

On this day take the time, as you should everyday too tell those friends and family how important they are to you, tell them how much they brighten your life and that you love them and are happy they have entered your life. Don’t let the moment pass you by, don’t let time slip through your fingers, tell them now while you can. Tomorrow they may not be here.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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