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TecWhat? is always looking for new talent, especially talent that can write and knows their way around technology. If that’s you, then submit an article, and get recognized. This of course is a $0 pay gig, so recognition is all you’re going to get, but for some that it enough.

If you wish to write an article for, please send all submissions to Submissions.

Rules for submissions:

  1. All submissions must be submitted as a Microsoft Word Format attachment  AND copied into the body of the email.
  2. All submissions must be presented under your real name. However, it may be published under a pen name or alias.
  3. All submissions must be original and in your own words. 
  4. TecWhat? reserves the right to refuse to print/publish any and all submitted articles, materials, or posts.
  5. TecWhat? does not currently pay for any submissions whether published on or not.
  6. Please send all submissions to Submissions.

Posted November 17, 2011 by Scott

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